PeerSpark™ can help you and your business by providing:

Encouragement and support. Entrepreneurship can be lonely; PeerSpark™ builds a community of your peers – other women who understand what you are going through and are experiencing similar challenges.
Access to resources. You will receive personalized advice and learn from expert coaches.
Increased confidence in your business decisions. Knowledge is power; you don’t have to do everything in your business but it is important to understand all aspects so that you can make informed decisions.
Multi-disciplinary learning. No entrepreneur is a master of all trades. Fill the gaps in your decision making as you increase your knowledge of strategic planning, financial planning, operations, human resources, and other topics.
Dedicated strategic planning time. In order to grow, you need to spend time working on your business and not just in your business. PeerSpark is an opportunity to step away and focus on planning for growth.

How PeerSpark™ is unique

Our members develop their skills in an interactive setting, share experiences, build lasting relationships, and learn from experts. Our community works collectively to help each participant overcome critical business challenges. It all amounts to increased confidence and expertise as you grow your business.

Meeting Structure

You will get together with a small group of peers to gain information and support on a monthly basis.

Each monthly meeting will feature two components: an educational component, where an expert will guide the group through the topic at hand and help you to evaluate the topic in relation to your own business, and a peer mentorship component, where you will have the opportunity to share experiences and build relationships.

Each month is an opportunity to step away for an afternoon and work on the business instead of in the business. You will set a commitment after the meeting to work on an aspect of your business over the next month.