Shannon Lenstra

Kon-strux Developments


Shannon Lenstra is the president of Kon-strux, a construction and home renovation firm now in its ninth year of business. After four years of operation, Shannon bought out her partner and has remained at the helm ever since. She describes the challenges she faced as a woman entrepreneur in the early stages of starting her business:

“It was perception. Women just weren’t seen as owners of construction companies or even employees for that matter. We had to be twice as good right out of the gate.”

Shannon characterizes her relationship with PeerSpark as ‘crucial’, citing the organization as a key source of information, training, business connections, and an opportunity to gain peer support.

“PeerSpark has great programs for anyone starting up or going to the next level. It’s just great advice and information every step of the way in the growth of a business. Entrepreneurs think and act differently in business. They need to share ideas with people who think like them.”

The home renovation business gives her a great deal of satisfaction, both on a business and personal level. She describes it as ‘an incredibly personal business.’

“There’s no feeling like the one you get from seeing someone’s face when they first lay eyes on their new space. It’s that ‘oh my God, it’s awesome’ moment. We are literally in the business of making dreams come true. How good is that?”

To take their ventures to the next step, Shannon urges new entrepreneurs to become financially literate and to take a course if necessary.

“Make sure your numbers are right.”