Lori Pecorilli

Latium Fleet Management


Lori Pecorilli owns Latium Fleet Management, a company that manages corporate fleets and logistics for a variety of businesses. She originally began the business with her husband, and has been in operation for twenty years.

“Women are as tough as men, but take a different approach when it comes to working with people. Women enjoy teaching and are collaborative.”

Reflecting on her start-up days, Lori remembers a burgeoning energy industry that lacked a cohesive, efficient way to handle its fleet services.

“It was as ‘start from scratch’ as it gets. All we had was a concept, but it was a unique concept, one that met a need. Companies in the oil industry and others needed better ways to manage and track their all-important fleets. That’s where we came in, both on a consulting basis and by supplying expert staff where and when they needed it.”

A constant innovator, Lori’s proudest moment in business was developing new products that made her industry more efficient, greener, and safer.

“We assembled engineers and developed new GPS and fleet management software. It didn’t exist before then. It’s about seeing a void and filling it.”

She points out the importance of a support network, particularly in the early stages of establishing a business. Lori was empowered not only by PeerSpark’s staff, but also by fellow women entrepreneurs experiencing the same boundaries to growth as her.

“PeerSpark is an important resource, particularly for women business owners who can sometimes feel isolated. It offers them a community, a way to come together. Dreams need the kind of nurturing and encouragement you get from your peers.”

Lori even found help when she wasn’t looking for it.

“The great thing about PeerSpark is that it is proactive. If they come across anything that can help you, they’re on the phone. It’s very personal attention.”

To go from ordinary to extraordinary, Lori offers some bold advice to new entrepreneurs.

“You need big guts. You can have a lot going for you, but you need the courage and support from peers to take a chance.”

Lori took that chance, and hasn’t looked back since.