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Who we are

PeerSpark™ is committed to building a community of peers, experts, and successful entrepreneurs.

Our program helps women access the resources they need to grow their businesses. It includes intensive leadership and skills development in a peer group setting. These entrepreneurs are seeking a unique level of support and capacity-building. Their businesses are not large enough to hire professional management or advisors, yet are complex in their needs. As such, they fall between the gaps of many traditional entrepreneurship programs in Canada.

PeerSpark supports female entrepreneurs

Mission and values

We strongly believe that by supporting female entrepreneurs, our economy will become stronger and more diverse.

Despite high levels of education and entrepreneurship among women, women-owned businesses currently do not grow at the same rate as their male-owned counterparts. Only 37% of women-owned businesses are considered high-growth small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In comparison, 63% of male-owned businesses are considered high-growth SMEs. Some of the reasons given by experts in the field include:


Lack of networks connected to the centre of power and decision making

Lack of role models, mentors, and confidence

Lack of understanding of how to market and deliver to large buyers

Lack of access to and readiness to use significant financing

Underrepresentation of women in SME development programs and incubator programs

PeerSpark™ addresses these barriers by providing access to resources including experts, peer networks, and business coaching. Our program was developed to meet the unique needs of women who own business-to-business ventures, have a strong desire to grow their businesses, and who would benefit from peer support and guidance.

Where we operate

The program runs across Western Canada
Where we operate


Sponsors: Dentons

Sponsors: Grant Thornton

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Women's Enterprise Centre

Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan Inc.

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